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The best diet in South Africa

Our WeightBusters HCG weight loss protocol is specialy designed based on the
Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons pounds and inches manuscript, with guarenteed results within the first week.
Join us today and a month from now you will thank yourself

WeightBusters Benefits


Natural fat burning hormone

Our WeightBusters HCG protocol is natural and safe with absolute no side effects.


Maintain your weight

Our WeightBusters HCG protocol is designed to help you keep the weight off


Unlimited support

Rely on us to answer the questions and not just the facebook community or google. We are here to guide you every step of the way, we are always available to assist. Ask us anything


WeightBusters Weight loss Protocol are backed and supported by Dr. Albert Simeons

download the original manuscript of Dr. Albert Simeons "Pounds & Inches"
Click here to learn more about the HCG diet protocol


Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is the competitive and low compared to others whilst offering a better support service and same weightloss product


Contactable Reviews

We dont manufacture reviews, we use real people that is contactable

WeightBusters Protocol

How does the WeightBusters HCG Diet work?


Detox Phase

Day 1-3
The detox phase will prepare your body for the transformation process ahead. This phase is not about losing weight
although it is not uncommon to do so in large amounts as you let go of toxins & impurities. 


WeightBust Phase

Day 4 – 30 or until goal weight is reached
This is the phase that you will be eating only the foods on our allowed list. You will stay on this phase until you
reached your goal weight.


Maintenance Phase

Continue for 3-4 weeks AFTER you have reached your goal weight on Phase 2
This phase is the most crucial phase ever.  A specially designed program needs to be followed on this phase for 6 Weeks after the Phase 2 is completed successfully.

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